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General Travel Tips

  PRE · HYDRATE!!!! · Always travel with a jacket or sweater. · Less is More, Pack less. · Roll your clothes when packing: Once you roll, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered to fold. · Use color pallets when packing. · Wear walking shoes! Not gym shoes. Gym or running shoes are designed for… Continue reading General Travel Tips

Siruis XM · Travel Tips

Traveling with Pets

Pre and Post Travel Options for Traveling with Pets   PRE Vet you pet Check up to see if they are fit to travel Pet Papers: Vaccinations and this includes pet insurance ID Tags Collar with pet name and address or phone and/or email address Chip Exercise: Make sure your pet is getting the appropriate… Continue reading Traveling with Pets

Siruis XM · Travel Tips

GNO: Traveling with Others

Fifty pairs of shoes, twenty-five new dresses, ten pieces of luggage, five carry-ons, numerous different interests, and one itinerary.  It doesn’t matter if your newly minted friends or have known each other since the second grade, a lot of “a little” togetherness can cause big issues .  It is best to put in the time,… Continue reading GNO: Traveling with Others

Travel Tips

Picture This! Pre and Post Travel Tips On Taking Vacation Photos

Ever looked at a photo or picture hanging on a wall and admired how beautiful it is? Picked up a travel magazine and were in awe of how still and clear blue the ocean is.  Have you ever wondered “How in the world did they get that shot? It’s on the side of a mountain!”… Continue reading Picture This! Pre and Post Travel Tips On Taking Vacation Photos

Siruis XM · Travel Tips

“How To-Get Through” the long TSA airport lines

  We’ve all heard about and seen the mass chaos and atrocious long lines at US airports, especially here at Chicago at Midway and O’Hare.  Lines have been up to a quarter mile long!  There has not been enough TSA staff to accommodate the influx of the summer season’s air travelers.  At times airlines are… Continue reading “How To-Get Through” the long TSA airport lines