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Traveling with Pets

PPTT Pets 2

Pre and Post Travel Options for Traveling with Pets



  • Vet you pet
    • Check up to see if they are fit to travel
    • Pet Papers: Vaccinations and this includes pet insurance
  • ID Tags
    • Collar with pet name and address or phone and/or email address
    • Chip
  • Exercise: Make sure your pet is getting the appropriate amount of exercise in general, but especially before traveling with them
  • Hydrate: Keep an extra bowl and bottled water for them even when you are on your daily stroll.
  • Doggie Bag
    • Pet supplies
    • Medicine
    • Treats
    • Grooming Kit: IE: Brush, and don’t forget about their teeth too!
    • Favorite toy
    • Etc.
  • Prepare the Carrier
    • Air
    • Car
    • Get the appropriate size carrier for your pet’s weight and size. It should have enough room where they can sit, stand, lay down and turn.

Trail Run

Road Rover

  • Plan out your route and take short drives
  • Click it or ticket: Yes, pets need seat belts too!
  • Keep all paws in: No hanging out the window
  • Plan B: If the original route is closed, blocked off or if there is an accident
  • Pit Stop: When you go, they go!
  • H2O
  • No pet left behind: If you have more than one pet at home, do the same for both, not one at a time. They will be going together on the trip, so it’s best to see how they traveling together.




Flying with Fluffy

Research which airline is best for your pet to travel on: Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Baggage
  • Cargo
  • Manifest cargo
  • Leash required
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Security Lines
  • Pre-Boarding





  • Foot Loose: When you return home, let your furry friend have at it. Turn them loose! In the house and in the yard.
  • Feed Fido: Easiest way to get back into the home routine is when it’s time to go to the bathroom, a walk, meals and sleep.
  • Vet your pet, AGAIN: Quick check up to make sure that they did not pick up anything while on vacation.
  • Bath your pet
  • Comfort Zone: calm your pet down
    • Cuddle on the couch
    • low music
    • soothing scents
    • Have them sleep with you or bed pillow in room

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