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Traveling with Children



A toddler in the terrible two’s and a 7 year old. Socks, shoes, diaper bag, stroller, and sippy cup. You haven’t even gotten dressed nor put on your own shoes and that’s just to go to the park! Traveling alone can be a challenge. Can you image a trip with these little buggers?

Here are a few Pre and Post Travel Tips for Traveling with Children


  • Introduction to the Trip
    • Books and magazines
    • Televisions shows or documentaries
    • Movies, music and museums
    • Fun Activities
    • Food: Cook at home or at a restaurant that specializes in the destination you are going to
  • Check -up
    • 6-weeks prior to trip
    • Vaccinations (if needed)
  • Travel Health Kit
    • 1st Aide Kit (band aids, ointment, alcohol pads, etc).
    • Bottled water
    • Packaged Snacks: cheese/peanut butter and crackers.
    • OTC Meds (over the counter): IE: Allergy
    • Insect replant
    • Epi pen, etc.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothing: Items that zip or button. Easy to put on and take off.
  • Double Up: Get more than one wear out of your clothes for children
  • Slow Your Roll: With the hustle of everyday life, slow it down for your trip.  Take it easy and enjoy.
  • Hydrate! Drink plenty of water.
  • Kid Kit: Have your child pack their favorite toys, books, music, movies, snack, blankie, etc for the trip. Get them involved in the process and not just have them there.
  • Bring a friend along
    • Keep them occupied and entertained
    • Someone to share their experience with
    • Makes them feel comfortable
  • Last Call for the Stall: Use the rest room before you leave
  • Pack extra clothes


  • Pack the car the night before
  • Keep all important papers on you in front of car IE: visor or arm rest
  • Point out the pots: know rest areas/restaurants
  • Take short road trips to get children ready end with a reward
  • Back seat/shower caddy with toys/entertainment



  • Pack Carry-on a few days before
  • Keep all important papers on you in carry on, not checked bag
  • Know where kids areas are in airport
  • Airline clubs: Use membership or buy day pass
  • Child own carry-on.  Not a pull, gets twisted
  • Contact airlines for their check in procedures
  • Check in 24-hours prior: double check seats
  • TSA Cares: contact them 72 hours prior from baggage, screening, policies and procedures breast milk, food, car seats, stroller, diapers, etc.
  • Take off prep: gum, ear plugs, nursing or bottle




  • Back to basics: Going to bed at normal time
  • Normal “Daylight Savings Time”: Doing things in normal time and not vacation time
  • Soups Up! Meals at normal time
  • 48 Hours-Not the Eddie Murphy movie: allow 2 days to get back to normal

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