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Gracious House Guest

House Guest


Say Yes To The Guest!

Pre Trip Options on How to be a Gracious House Guest

  • In and Out: Be specific with arrival and departure dates.


  • Air Arrival and Departures: Ask your host, which airport is closest to their home.  If you require your host to pick you up from the airport,  be mindful of your arrival and departure times.  Avoid early AM, late PM and rush hour to arrive.


  • Check ahead of time: Let your host know about any allergies, dietary needs, pet allergies, phobias, etc prior to your arrival so that they can plan your arrival accordingly.


  • A tisket, a tasket, keep everything in your basket: To keep up with your things during your stay, bring a collapsible basket, bin or recyclable bag to keep all of your belongs in as you go room to room.  This way you will be able to keep up with your things and you are not looking all over the place for them when its time for you to leave.


  • Pack appropriate wear: Though your host may say “Make yourself at home” remember you are not at home.  When just lounging around the house, make sure to wear appropriate clothing.  Casual pants, shirts, socks, etc.  Also, pack a robe. You may have to walk down the hall to go to the bathroom; and you may want to go to breakfast wearing one if it’s acceptable in the house you are visiting.


  • Toilette Travel Kit: Pack your own travel size toiletries: from soap, shampoo. toothpaste etc.  This ensure you have your own favorite products and  you won’t have to ask your host for theirs.


  • House Rules Rule: Exhibit appropriate behavior. Adapt to your host’s lifestyle. There may be children, pets, elderly parents, or others in the home with whom you may be unaccustomed to living with. Ask what the rules of the house are. Are shoes allowed in the house? What time does everyone wake up and go to sleep? What time is breakfast, etc?  Is your home a smoke-free zone?  Ask it its okay to use their WiFi and request the user name and passcode.


  • Surprise, no surprises: If you are traveling with someone, as if its okay to bring an extra guest with you.


  • Gift of Gratitude: Do take a house gift; and if you are staying longer than a weekend, offer to take your hosts out to dinner one evening to their favorite restaurant.


  • Gas card or bus card? Ask if it is necessary to rent a car.  If not, is your host home near public transportation.  Lastly, if none of the above they may give you access to their personal vehicle.

Tipping you in the right direction: If you are allowed to borrow your host’s car, make sure to filler up!  If you can’t do that, at least put back the gas you used up.

  • Ask about Fido: Ask If you must travel with your pet, inquire about a good kennel in the area or offer to stay in a hotel. This also gives your host an opening to invite your pet if they wish. Do not ask to bring a pet with you, unless you have a small “perfect” dog, and you know they won’t mind. Large dogs and cats should left at home.


  • Do a little planning: Do think of activities to occupy you for at least part of the day. Don’t expect your hosts to keep you entertained from morning until night.  Also, keep a copy of your host schedule in case they have an important or special event to attend.  This way you can plan your time accordingly and not feel like an imposition to your host. Lastly, try to plan to do something with your host one day during your stay. Weather it be dinner, theatre or a festival.

Tipping you in the right direction: This would be the perfect time to plan a “thank you for letting me stay with you” outing with your host.


Know How to act in order to get invited back! 

Pre Trip Options on How to be a Gracious House Guest


  • No Trace Evidence: Clean up after yourself (kitchen, bath, bedroom).  On the day of your departure, take the sheets, blankets, and pillow cases off the bed, fold them, and leave them neatly on top of the bed.  Tidy up all rooms that you occupied.  Wipe down counters (bath and kitchen), placed used towels in the laundry.  Throw out wastepaper basket trash. Leave your guest home as neat as possible…or in better shape than you found it in.


  • Double Check: Make sure you have all your belongings before you leave.


  • Return spare keys (house and car) if they were supplied to you.


  • Send a handwritten thank-you note following your visit. If you were not able to take them out while you were there, send along a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. Or have flowers or an edible arrangement delivered to them.

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