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Picture This! Pre and Post Travel Tips On Taking Vacation Photos

Ever looked at a photo or picture hanging on a wall and admired how beautiful it is? Picked up a travel magazine and were in awe of how still and clear blue the ocean is.  Have you ever wondered “How in the world did they get that shot? It’s on the side of a mountain!” It’s not as hard as it seems.  Even professionals started out by simply picking up a camera, aiming and click.  It’s as simple as that! You too can take great photos on your next vacation.

Here are a few Pre and Post Travel Tips on taking vacation photos: Picture This!


Get camera ready: Choosing your camera: Consider your vacation destination in regards to your camera. You may be going on a cultural tour visiting museums.  If you are a nature buff, strolling in the meadows, bird watching or sandwiched between the great Sequoia trees in California’s National Park. Headed to the beach for some sun or snorkeling, all of these factors come into play when choosing your camera.  There are certain cameras that work better than others depending on your destination.  For indoor and outdoor activities, try Nikon D3200 or D3300, Canon SL1 or Canon T5 or Pentax K-50. They retail from $200-$400 USD. For the Captain Nemo in you, try Nikon Coolpix S33, Panasonic Lumix DMC TS30 or Fiji Film Fine Pix XP90. They are great for underwater too with the depth of 50 feet, upwards to over 100 in deep water. These retail from $100-$165 USD.

Tipping you in the right direction: You don’t always have to buy a new camera. Use your Smartphone.  My Smartphone takes the best pictures!


You outta be in pictures kid! This is a great way to get and keep children engaged on your trip. Get them their own personal little, “durable” camera and have them take their own photos from their perspective.

A great child’s camera is VTech Kidizoom Action Cam. It is durable, child and water proof, can take videos, comes with games, fun edit effects, helmet and bike mounts. It comes in two colors: purple and yellow. And the best part of all, it retails for under $40!

Insure It! I have said this in almost every last one of my Pre and Post Travel Tips, no matter what, no matter the length of your trip, BUY TRAVELER’S INSURANCE!!! I cannot stress this enough.

By purchasing traveler’s insurance, it covers the items you take on your trip including your camera if your items get lost, damaged or stolen. It is the best purchase you will make for your trip.

Learn your camera or Smartphone: We all love tinkering with new gadgets that we purchase. Your camera is no different.  Let what your camera or Smartphone can do as it relates to taking photos.  What are the special features?  For example, flash or no flash; landscape or portrait.  How many pictures can your camera or phone hold? Can it record videos?  These are just some of things you can find out before your depart.  It will make taking a picture, especially w quick photo that much easier.

Practice makes perfect: Practice using your camera or Smartphone by taking photos before you depart for your trip. Tests shoot your family, friends, inanimate objects, food, animals, the sky, colors, lines, landscapes, selfies, day and night, lighting. Get the shot!  Real life moments IE: action shots and not just poses.

Tipping you in the right direction: Try taking themed photos. What I mean by this is of street signs, colorful doors, just of people’s faces to name a few.  Try some these out beforehand.  These will make for an even better photo album.

“Alright Mr. DeMille I’m ready for my close up”    Trying to gather people for a picture is sometimes like herding cats. To get the shot, put on your director’s hat and practice with little children. Try gathering them for a photo in any setting.  Test out your director’s skills.  Guide them into positions and/or poses.  Even show them what to do on occasion especially if it’s an action shot, or if someone that is shy.


Edit photos: Start off with the features on your camera or Smartphone that are already there. Adobe can be intimidating, challenging and its costs.  There are online apps that are FREE and easy to use like and  You can create, edit, make collages, and designs and other cool features for your photos.

Picture Party : Remember the old skool projector party? Now it’s been upgraded to a slide show on a computer or downloaded to a USB drive and pulled into your flat screen TV. Those that attended the trip, have them submit their best 10 photos each.  You as the host, can create a slideshow with editing features and music.  Invite your family and friends over, relive your trip and have a good time!

Tipping you in the right direction: “Best Picture contest”. Have everyone submit their best/favorite picture from the trip.  Have your family and friend judge your photo for best picture.  Winner gets a prize or even better, bragging rights until next vacation. 

Hobby Lobby: It you enjoyed taking photos on your trip, you can now turn that into a new hobby. Even expand on it with taking more and different photos.  Perhaps now, experiment with black and white or Sepia versus color.  Try shutter bugging food or animals versus people and places.

Tipping you in the right direction: Now turn your new hobby into a side hustle.  Sell the photos as postcards, coffee table books, etc.  If you love what you do, you won’t ever work a day on your life!

Turn it in: Submit your photos to a periodical or publication. They can be used for anything from book or magazine covers, art in offices or homes.  You can even enter contests and your photo could be used on a national scale.  The possibilities are endless!

Gift it: These can become wonderful gifts. From coasters, canvas pictures, throw pillows and blankets; they are great for wedding gifts of the bride and groom, anniversaries and birthdays presents.


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